Sellrain Ski Tour Region at the Alpinmesse

am 12.03.2017 in Sellrain

Als eines der lokalen Projekte zeigt das Sellrain heuer erstmals, wie die Zusammenarbeit und die Gestaltung im Rahmen des Ski- und Snowboardtourenkonzeptes funktionieren kann!

© Tyrolean regional Government
3 Skitourengeher betrachten ein Wildschutzzonenschild. Im Hintergrund sind bewaldete Berghänge erkennbar.

Over the summer we have been working on lots of ideas in the working party as to how ski mountaineering in Sellrain might work sustainably in the future. At some critical points we have improved the range of options by creating ski tour aisles in the forest. Where there are particularly important habitats for certain animal species which could be disturbed by the ski mountaineers, we have very sparingly designated conservation areas and also made these clearly recognisable in the open country. Overview boards at the most important car parks indicate conservation areas and the most important ski tour routes. 

All that, and lots more, will be presented at the Alpinmesse in Innsbruck from 7 to 8 Nov. 2015 and will hopefully find lots of imitators!

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