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Ski slope tours in the Innsbruck area

In the greater Innsbruck area, ski slope tours have for years been part of the sporting and leisure programme for many Tyroleans. However, the large number of people taking part leads to repeated conflicts. When
ski slope tours come across snow grooming vehicles it leads again and again to dangerous situations
and unfortunately there have also been serious accidents.

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Übergang von Hellblau auf Weiß.
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View over Innsbruck.

Evening ski tours

Based on Tyrol’s "Safe & Fair Ski Slope Tours” model, provision of evening tours was agreed in 2009 on the initiative of the Province of Tyrol Department for Sport together with the ski area operators and representatives of ski touring in the greater Innsbruck area.

From the winter season 2015/16 it has been possible to extend the existing agreement:

numerous ski areas offer special evening tours, making ski slope tours also possible in the evening. An overview of the possible evening ski tours in the Innsbruck area is constantly updated by the Department for Sport. 

It is thanks to the ski area operators that it has been possible to continue and even extend the range of ski slope tours, and skiers can now enjoy their sport several evenings a week.


Tyrolean Model

In 2005, in collaboration with the Austrian Board for Alpine Safety, a solution, acceptable to all, was devised in the form of recommendations, with the aim of ensuring safe coexistence  on the slopes.

This present third and updated edition of the brochure “Ski Slope Tours around Innsbruck - Safe & Fair" provides an overview of the possibilities for ski slope touring in the region.


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Ski slope tours emblem.
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