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Alpine climbing

The focus in alpine climbing, the most traditional form of climbing as a sport, used to be primarily on climbing multi-pitch routes to a summit -  but even here there have been some changes. The different styles of alpine climbing range from classic and modern routes, with traditional protection frequently supplemented by mobile protective devices, to modern sport climbing routes which, as in the climbing gardens, are perfectly protected with bolts. Mastering complex protecting and abseil techniques and other basic, technical alpine skills is the precondition for attempting alpine climbing routes. 

Together with the alpine associations, we have decided not to include alpine climbing routes in the BERGWELT TIROL - MITEINANDER ERLEBEN project.

The reason for this is the fact that there are, at the moment, hardly any conflicts in the use of the high mountain areas and we do not want to cause a mass invasion of these essentially still unspoilt parts of our mountains. Besides, future generations should be able to find still unspoilt areas of rocks for their projects where they can realise their dreams. One should not have to travel to Alaska or the other side of the world; it should be possible to set off on a great adventure from one’s own doorstep. 

This is why, also in consultation with the alpine associations, we are of the opinion that, with regard to the protection of the environment and the natural landscape, it is not sensible to fund the creation of alpine routes.