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Enjoying exercise and outdoor activity is a growing trend. Lots of new sports make the outdoors something more and more people can experience. That makes Tyrol attractive to many people and tourism here also benefits from this quality. The many different types of sports and the Tyroleans’ joy of exercise are also a significant reason for their better than average health.

But the pressures on nature also lead to conflicts. Mountain bikers on hiking trails, ski tourers unintentionally driving the wild animals out of their retreats, and climbers trampling all over farmers’ fields. Most of the time it is just a few black sheep who make it difficult to achieve co-existence with nature without conflict.

With regard to outdoor sports, the “Bergwelt Tirol - Miteinander erleben" programme illustrates ways to achieve an immediate experience of nature without creating conflicts.


The “Bergwelt Tirol –Miteinander erleben” programme brings together various nature users and seeks to achieve a balance of interests. In order for this to work, the following institutions are involved in the whole programme or in individual parts:


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