Safe & Fair Ski Slope Tours

The boom in ski touring has also led to conflicts in recent years.

Tourers who are out at night on closed pistes, dogs running loose, crossing pistes in unclear places, frozen tracks in elaborately prepared pistes and... and... and....

Such and similar examples have led to the fact that tourers are often not welcome on ski slopes.  With the Tyrolean model "Safe & Fair Ski Slope Tours "" we want to show that ski touring and skiing on the slopes can function side by side without conflict.

The Tyrolean Modell

As early as 2005, in cooperation with the Austrian Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety, a solution was worked out for everyone in the form of recommendations to ensure safe coexistence on the slopes.

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Video campaign

Within the framework of "Safe & Fair", several short video clips will be produced in winter 20/21, which clarify the recommendations for piste tours in a modern and humorous way. The clips will be published regularly on this page and on the social media channels of the province or the partners of Bergwelt Tirol. Follow us on Facebook to never miss a new video premiere!

10 recommendations of the Austrian Board for Alpine Safety:

1. Observe warning signs as well as local rules.


2. Do not enter when a ski slope or part of the slope is closed.

 When snow grooming vehicles are being used - especially with rope winches - or in case of artificial avalanche release etc., there is the risk of situations which can be life-threatening. Slopes can, therefore, be closed for safety reasons whilst the work is undertaken.


3. Ascend only along the edge of the ski slope and in single file.


4. Cross the ski slope only at places with good visibility and with adequate distance between one another.


 5. Ski only along the edge of freshly prepared ski slopes.

 Tracks which have frozen overnight can impair the quality of the ski slope.


6. Leave the slopes by 10:30 pm or the time specified by the lift company.


7. Be visible. 

In darkness or poor visibility use head lamp, reflective clothing, etc.


8. Only use the ascent routes/ski slope specially designated for ski slope tours.


9. Do not take dogs onto the ski slope.


10. Use designated car parks and pay the due parking fee.