MTB Model 2.0

The Tyrolean MTB Model, first established in 1997, brings advantages for everyone: there is legal security and insurance protection for road/path keepers and a remarkable consistently signposted network of trails for bikers classified by grades of difficulty. With 6000 km of MTB routes and 300 km of single trails Tyrol is a top area for bikers.

The components of the Tyrolean MTB Model


The road/path keeper has agreed by contract to make his road/trail available to bikers. The liability risk with regard to biking accidents is borne by a partner to the contract (tourist board or community). The contract also stipulates that compensation for restriction of property rights can be agreed which can be supported by the Province of Tyrol at a rate of € 0.12 per running metre per year. This applies for mtb routes and singletrails.

Insurance agreement

So that the landowner and the road/path keepers are not disadvantaged by opening up their paths, there is an insurance agreement covering the risks that can arise from biking accidents.

Guidance system - Signposting:

All MTB trails and single trails are consistently signposted throughout Tyrol. Together with the tourist boards we make every effort to ensure that the digital information which we share with our partners via Open Government Data (OGD) is consistent with the signposting on the ground.


Grades of difficulty

Together with the tourist boards and communities, we have classified all the MTB trails and single trails by grade of difficulty. This makes it easier to choose a trail and also helps to make a realistic assessment of possible dangers.


The components of the Tyrolean MTB Model

Code of honour

Only through mutual consideration is it possible to avoid conflicts. For users of mountain bike routes the following rules of conduct must be observed.


Code of honour Singletrail

In order to enable a conflict-free coexistence on singletrail, it is important that every user of the singletrail takes some rules of conduct to heart.


Government fundings for the construction of single trails:

The Province of Tyrol  fundes  the construction of single trails because it is an important part of visitor management. We have collated all the information for interested project applicants.


And who’s done it?

The MTB working party in which all interest groups were involved.


Open Government Data (OGD)

The whole of our network of trails, regularly updated, is made freely available to all software providers. Here you can download the whole network of trails as an shp file and also soon in jsn format.


Information for tourist boards, communities and cable car companies:

Information on support measures for summer activities (mountain biking, single trail, hiking, climbing, via ferrata) and winter activities (ski and snowboard tours, freeride) and other topics




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