Direction sign bypass possibility for hikers with dog.

Walk this way!

The grazing cattle on our pastures are basically good-natured and peaceful. In some situations, however, especially mother cows might react aggressively to supposed dangers. In this context, dogs play an essential role - their presence can lead to great unrest and ultimately even to an attack by a mother cow. The present system of signposts helps hikers, cyclists and other recreational sportspeople to keep enough distance and avoid those areas of the pasture where an encounter with grazing animals is most likely. This contributes to greater safety, whether on foot or by mountain bike, with or without a dog.


For the most part, grazing animals can move freely on the pastures. However, the herd usually prefers certain areas for grazing, usually near alpine huts or troughs. In cases where popular trails run through these sections, an encounter with the animals is particularly likely. In these locations, there are special signs to raise awareness of the danger and provide information about alternative routes.

Warning sign: "Mother cows"

On pastures with herds with mother cows,  dog owners need to be particularly careful. Keep your dog on a short leash and use signposted alternative routes.

Warning sign: "Grazing livestock"

True to the motto "A pasture is no petting zoo" this sign informs about the most important rule of conduct on pastures, regardless of the type of grazing animal: Keep your distance! In the case of cows, 20-50 metres are recommended.

Signpost: "Alternative route"

Wherever possible, signposts with arrows indicate a safe alternative route. Please always observe the rules of conduct on alpine pastures.

Notice: “Grazing cattle”

This sign has been informing mountaineers about the most important rules of conduct on alpine pastures for some time already.