Ski slope tours in the Innsbruck area

In the greater Innsbruck area, piste tours have been part of the sports and leisure programme of many Tyroleans for years. However, the large number of active people repeatedly leads to conflicts. The situation is particularly delicate in the evening and at night.

Based on the Tyrolean model "Piste Tours Safe & Fair", an offer for evening tours was already agreed in 2009 on the initiative of the Sports Department of the Tyrol together with the ski area operators and representatives of ski touring in the greater Innsbruck area.

Evening ski slope touring

*** Offer is expected to start again in December 2021 ***

Since the winter of 2015/16, special tour evenings have been offered in numerous ski areas, on which piste tours are also possible in the evening. An overview of the evening ski tour possibilities in the Innsbruck area is constantly updated by the sports department.

It is thanks to the ski area operators that the offer for piste tourers could now be continued and even expanded and the active can now pursue their sport several evenings during the week.

Overview evening piste tours

Ski slope touring rules


Closed piste means danger to life!

If grooming work is taking place, slopes will be closed and warning notices will be posted.

These closures must be observed for your own safety!

More information about the dangers of closed slopes or ski areas that are "out of service".

Many possibilities

This third and updated edition of the brochure "Piste Tours around Innsbruck - Safe & Fair" provides an overview of the possibilities for piste touring in the region.


Frozen tracks

Ski resorts invest a lot of time and money in grooming. A perfect piste (finish) with the characteristic grooves contributes significantly to the skiing pleasure the next morning. However, if the slope is skied during the night, the tracks freeze solid. Just as streetcar tracks are problematic for cyclists, frozen ski tracks can become dangerous, especially for narrow children's skis. The problem occurs especially in late winter, when the snow is soft in the evening and then freezes through on starry nights.