Photo of white fluffy flowers with black rocks in background.
End of valley; alpine pasture; stream; two hikers

Applying to all hikers ...

As in all outdoor sports, hiking brings us into contact with a great variety of natural and managed areas as well as other people, who are also – though maybe in a different way – wanting to enjoy the open countryside.

A few rules on the mountain


If we all keep to a few basic rules, co-existence on the mountain is perfectly possible and everyone can enjoy the mountains in his or her own way:

  • Stay whenever possible on the marked paths
  • Always close gates
  • Do not leave any rubbish behind
  • Behave with consideration towards other “nature users”
  • Respect conservation areas, closures and the like
  • Do not enter any areas used for agricultural purposes during the growing season

An Alpine pasture is not a petting zoo

An important point not to be underestimated when walking or hiking in the mountains is how to behave when coming across grazing animals. It is especially important to exercise care if you have a dog with you. It is, therefore, not only sensible but also necessary always to keep dogs on a lead when on a pasture with grazing animals and to maintain a certain distance.