Local projects

Wherever the terrain in winter is used intensively by ski mountaineers and conflicts repeatedly occur, these conflicts should be resolved on the basis of local working parties according to the specifications of the province’s Ski and Snowboard Tour Plan. 

Even in areas where ski touring is to be specially promoted and funded in the interests of tourism, the precautionary development of guidance measures makes a great deal of sense.

Who’s meant to take part in the working party?

So that the interests of all nature users are represented equally,  the following groups should be represented:

Representative(s) of the : Delegated by:
Communities Mayor
Landowner(s) District Chamber of Agriculture
Tourism Tourism Association
Environmental Protection Province of Tyrol - Dept. of Environmental Protection, agreed with the District Authority’s Dept. of Nature Studies
Hunting licence holders TJVB, District Huntmaster
Alpine associations Local Alpine Association Section
People knowing the area – “locals” Local Mountain Rescue office, local Alpine Association Section, Section of the Mountain Guides Association
Ski and mountain guides Regional section of the Mountain Guides Association
Protection forest interests District Forestry Inspectorate
Coordination Province of Tyrol - Rural Affairs