The “BERGWELT  TIROL – MITEINANDER ERLEBEN” programme was launched by the Tyrolean Provincial Government on 6 May 2014.


There’s a growing interest in outdoor activity holidays. Lots of new sports are giving more and more people the opportunity to experience the world of nature. This is good not only for tourism and but also for our health. Tyroleans enjoy better than average health, and their love of exercise is a significant factor in this.

But the increasing demands on nature also give rise to conflicts. Mountain bikers on hiking trails, ski tourers unintentionally driving the wild animals out of their retreats, and climbers trampling all over farmers’ fields. Most of the time it is just a few individuals who make it difficult to achieve co-existence with nature without conflict.

Aim of the programme


In principle ski tours should only be planned in areas where obvious conflicts have already arisen between the stakeholders. Also in areas where the ski touring is to be promoted and funded, especially from the point of view of tourism, it makes a great deal of sense to devise measures very carefully to guide ski tourers into the right areas.

The aim - conflict management in all outdoor sports - is to be achieved, on the one hand, by means of dialogue between all nature users and, on the other hand, by providing nature users with guidance.

Project management

The guidelines on which the delivery of the programme was based have been defined by a steering group in which the following organisations were represented:

  • Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture
  • Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce
  • Tyrolean Hunting Association
  • Austrian Alpine Association
  • Province of Tyrol – Dept. for Environmental Protection
  • Province of Tyrol - Section Forestry
  • Tyrolean Mountain Rescue

Working parties


The individual outdoor sports are dealt with in working parties, each taking a certain theme.

Mountain biking

Institution Representative(s)
Chamber of Agriculture Forestry Klaus Viertler
Chamber of Agriculture Alpine Pastures Lanzinger Josef
Austrian Alpine Association – Dept. of Paths Peter Kapelari, Hanna Moser, Liliana Dagostin
Forest Owners’ Association Alfons Falch
LRV MTB Dept. Reimund Ronacher
Vertriders Christian Piccolruaz
Tirol Werbung Ingrid Schneider, Corinna Gleirscher
Tyrolean Hunting Association Anton Larcher, Gerhard Schartner
Austrian Federal Forests SC Hans Jörg Plötz
Chamber of Commerce Section Cable Cars Stefan Mangott, Josef Ölhafen
Province of Tyrol - Dept. for Tourism Gerhard Föger
Province of Tyrol - Dept. for Sport Johannes Steindl

Skiing and Snowboarding

Institution Representative(s)
Austrian Federal Forests Egon Fritz
Friends of Nature Hanspeter Gärtner
Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture Hans Gföller
Province of Tyrol - Dept. for Environmental Protection Michael Haupolter Reinhard Lentner
Netzwerk Naturraum Brixental Franz Heim
Province of Tyrol - Dept. for Sport Christoph Höbenreich, Johannes Steindl
Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce - Section Cable Cars Philip Haslwanter
Austrian Alpine Association Birgit Kantner, Georg Rothwangl
Tirol Werbung Christian Klingler, Vanessa Musack, Ingrid Schneider, Eckard Speckbacher
Tyrolean Hunting Association Thomas Messner, Martin Schwärzler
Morandell Freeriding Centre Markus Morandell
Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce – Transport and Traffic Josef Ölhafen

Local projects

“Talking gets people together.”

There are lots of conflicts which cannot be resolved consistently across the whole province. Here special local knowledge is needed to achieve sustainable solutions. With regard to the theme of “Ski and Snowboard Tours" and in the future also the theme of “Freeriding", it is the intention that local working parties should be able to offer solutions which can apply across the whole province and from which everyone can benefit.

local projects

Dieter Stöhr Project Management, Ski and Snowboard Tours, Freeriding
Lars Lotze Mountain biking
Klaus Pietersteiner Climbing, via ferrata
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