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Protected species: black grouse

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Protected species: deer

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Protected sites: protection forest

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Protected species: ibex

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Protected sites and species

Enjoy nature - outdoor exercise  - at one with nature.

With all outdoor sport, nature is the predominant motivation of the people who want to enjoy outdoor experience and activity. No one wants to have a negative effect on nature, which is so important for one's own enjoyment. Nevertheless, outdoor sport has an impact on nature. Creating conservation areas in the landscape draws attention to species particularly worthy of protection and to specific rights of other nature users. The responsible practice of sport also means showing respect for nature and the rights of others. 

"In order not to disturb wild animals being active during dawn we recommend to be at the summit not later than 2 pm. Thereby you still have enough time in case of emergency."




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Province of Tyrol - Department for Forestry Conservation

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