A woman and a man walk side by side up the slope with touring skis.
Am Pistenrand bleiben!

Like the right-hand driving rule in road traffic...

...is valid for uphill skiers on the slope: "Only at the very edge and behind each other!"

Don't be a traffic obstacle!

Compared to the speed of downhill skiing or snowboarding, even the fastest climbers, wearing skin-tight racing suits and speed skins, behave like stationary objects. Often mentioned comparisons with "ghost drivers on the ski slope" are therefore exaggerated. Downhill skiers who adhere to the principle stated in the FIS rules "Every skier must ski on sight" will therefore not collide with uphill skiers.

BUT: Other "stationary" obstacles such as snow cannons or piste signage are always placed at the very edge of the piste if possible. Where it is unavoidable, obstacles are usually secured - similar to a warning triangle on the road: Everyone knows the orange impact protectors on lift supports, or the skis stuck in the snow above an accident site.

Therefore, it should also be a matter of course for tourers to always walk on the edge! Especially in narrow places, curves and unclear terrain peaks, the risk of collisions can be drastically reduced.

Pay attention to the signs!

In areas with a piste tour guidance system, the ideal ascent line was determined by professionals. In the process, piste crossings were reduced to a minimum and care was taken to ensure that the longitudinal slope of the track was as pleasant as possible. Please pay attention to these signs - so we create a conflict- and accident-free coexistence!