Group of ski tourers crossing the ski slope.
Bleib auf der Spur!


... crossing the piste is dangerous and annoys the skiers.
Therefore, only cross the piste at clear spots and with sufficient distance between each other!

What should be observed during crossings?

With a skilful and foresighted choice of route during the ascent, most piste crossings can be avoided. Sometimes, however, a crossing is still necessary, for example if a turn-off has to be taken in the direction of the tour destination. The following is important here:

  • If available, follow the signs for ski tourers!
  • Never cross in front of blind spots such as hilltops or narrow bends! Here the danger of a collision with downhill skiers is greatest.
  • Cross the piste quickly and with plenty of distance between each other. This leaves enough free space for downhill skiers.
  • Use flat sections for crossings! Especially on hard artificial snow, crossings in steep slopes are technically very difficult and exhausting.

Don't forget: After you have taken off your skins, you become a downhill skier yourself. At the latest then, careless crossing manoeuvres will also annoy and endanger you!


Guidance system for piste tours

Since 2016, Tyrol has had its own guidance system for piste tours. "Safe & Fair" - that is the primary goal of the campaign. Those who adhere to the signage minimise the risk of collisions and support the efforts for a conflict-free coexistence of lift users and ski tourers.

Here are all the information you need about the guidance system for piste tours.