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Vie ferrate

Vie ferrate close to the valley have turned into an absolute recreational hit in the last few years because they make it possible to enjoy breathtaking views without having to trek endlessly uphill covered in sweat. The combination of enjoying nature and caring for the environment, as well as avoiding conflict and meeting safety requirements is also supported by the funding of vie ferrate.

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Übergang von Hellgrau auf Weiß.

What does it offer?


As with the climbing gardens, the use of a funded via ferrata comes with lots of advantages. Due consideration is paid both to environmental issues and the wishes of mountain sport fans.

The following criteria apply to a funded via ferrata:

  • High safety requirements on the basis of the guidelines of the Austrian Board for Alpine Safety have to be met (Via Ferrata Handbook)
  • Optimal quality in the sense of modern via ferrata technology
  • Negative effects on nature and landscape are avoided in construction 
  • Signposting based on the Tyrolean Mountain Trail Plan
  • Contractual usage agreements with all landowners
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Man sitting on a bench in the rocks. On the right hand side there is a information sign.
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Woman climbing up a rock face.

Personal safety equipment

  • tested via ferrata set
  • helmet
  • gloves
  • sturdy boots with profile sole
  • first aid kit
  • mobile phone

in addition, depending on length and grade of difficulty of the via ferrata

  • drinking water, snack
  • weatherproofs

Funded vie ferrate - where are they?

In Tyrol there are all together 43 funded vie ferrate spread over all nine districts.

Bezirk Landeck

  • Klettersteig Galugg
  • Anton Renk Klettersteig

Bezirk Reutte

  • Klettersteig Lachenspitze Nordwand
  • Köllenspitze Klettersteig
  • Klettersteig Holzgau Simmswasserfall

Bezirk Imst

  • Hanauer Klettersteig (Hanauer Hütte)
  • Jubiläums-Klettersteig (Lehner Wasserfall)
  • Imster Klettersteig
  • Obergurgler Klettersteig (Zirbenwald)
  • Auer Klamm Klettersteige
  • Klettersteig Stuibenfall
  • Reinhard Schiestl Klettersteig (Burgsteinwand)
  • Leite Klettersteig (Tieftal)
  • Klettersteige Kletterpark Pitztal
  • Geierwand Klettersteig
  • Steinwand Klettersteig (Burgstall)
  • Versicherter Steig Vordere Platteinspitze

Bezirk Schwaz

  • Achenseer 5 Gipfel Klettersteig
  • Kinderklettersteig Zimmereben
  • Huterlaner Klettersteig
  • Zimmereben Klettersteig
  • Klettersteig Pfeilspitzwand
  • Astegg Klettersteig
  • Nasenwand Klettersteig
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Man standing in a via ferrata looking down, smiling.

Bezirk Kitzbühel

  • Klettersteig Kitzbüheler Horn
  • Marokka Klettersteig
  • Versicherter Steig Lärchegg

Bezirk Kufstein

  • Klamml Klettersteig
  • Klettersteigpark Ottenalm Kaiserwinkel
  • Kufsteiner Klettersteig
  • Reintalersee Klettersteig
  • Eggersteig (Steinerne Rinne)

Bezirk Osttirol

  • Galitzenklamm Klettersteig
  • Dopamin Klettersteig
  • Familien Klettersteig Galitzenklamm
  • Endorphin Klettersteig
  • Großer Kinigat Klettersteig
  • Verborgene Welt Klettersteig

Bezirk Innsbruck/Innsbruck-Land

  • Absamer Klettersteig (Bettelwurfhütte)
  • Kaiser Max Klettersteig (Martinswand)
  • Schlicker Klettersteig (Ochsenwand)
  • Peter Kofler Klettersteig (Stafflacher Wand)
  • St. Magdalena Klettersteig
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