two people with snowshoes. In the background a forest and mountains


A man dressed up as a deer skiing through a apartment
A man dressed up as a black groose, rushing into a hotel room

Snowshoe hiking

 - one of the very first means of getting about in winter which, for many people, is only possible on snowshoes. As snowshoe tours are mostly undertaken in the forest and Alpine pastures, you should pay particular attention to black grouse and red deer and, if possible, avoid disturbing them in their winter habitats.

© Tyrolean regional Government
hellviolette und dunkelviolette Schräge mit Schneeschuhwandericons zur optischen Gestaltung.

Protected sites and species

Signposting black grouse/wood grous
Signposting black grouse/wood grouse
Signpostin deer
Signpostin deer
© Tyrolean regional Government
Übergang von Dunkelviolett auf Grau.


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