Touring region Tristach

Ski touring on the outskirts of the city? In East Tyrol it's possible! The touring area near the district capital offers easy tours in the area up to the timberline as well as racy tours in the cirques of the Lienzer Dolomites.

Our project focuses on the protection of black grouse and capercaillie, which have their habitat in the north-facing forests of the Auerling.

Protected sites and species

According to the principles of the "Tyrolean Ski and Snowboard Touring Concept", the partners in the project "Ski Touring Region Tristach" have agreed on two subjects of protection whose protection zones should be voluntarily avoided by ski mountaineers.

The two protected goods in Tristach are:

Digital map

The exact location of the protection zones for forest and game that we have agreed in the working group can be found here.

Orientation boards

At the Kreithhof parking lot and in the area of the Dolomitenhütte, panoramic tables will be set up in January 2021, depicting the most established ski tours and the protection zones for wildlife and forest.  The plastic depicted 3D panoramas also provide information about the 2 protected subjects and rules of conduct that are important when moving inside alpine terrain to protect the forest and wildlife.

The info on emergency equipment, the emergency APP and the link to the avalanche situation report come from our partner the Mountain Rescue Tyrol (Bergrettung Tirol).



Conservation areas are marked in open country only at locations where there is direct contact with a ski tour. The directional arrows, which make it possible to bypass or go round, are only used very sparingly. The signs in general are restricted to the area below the tree line.

The direction signs do not mean that the proposed routes are safe from avalanches and other natural hazards. It is the ski mountaineers’ responsibility to make this assessment themselves.

LVS checkpoints

In winter 2021/22, an avalanche beacon checkpoint will be set up:

  • Dolomitenhütte

In addition to the safety aspect, the station also provides us with counts of how many ski mountaineers are on the respective tours.

Skitouren in Tristach


The "Ski Touring Region Tristach" Working Group

In the Tyrolean ski and snowboard touring concept, it is particularly important to us that all stakeholders have an equal say in all measures and are allowed to represent their concerns. In the Tristach working group we have succeeded very well so far and we hope that all interests have been taken into account in a balanced way due to the diversity of the stakeholders.
The following are represented in the working group:

  • Community Tristach
  • Landowners
  • Alpenverein (Alpine Club), local mountain guides
  • Mountain rescue (Bergrettung 140)
  • Hut keepers (Dolomitenhütte)
  • Tourism Association
  • Local hunters
  • Forest Authority
  • Land of Tyrol



Klaus Pietersteiner

Province of Tyrol - Department for Forestry Conservation

Bürgerstr. 36, 6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 512 508 4605