Uncanny encounters...

... is something that many snow groomer drivers have had to deal with in the dark: fast-moving downhill figures that dart through the spotlight like ghosts without warning.

If you follow these two recommendations as a ski tour skier in the evening, then some cold shivers on one' s back could be spared!

Evening piste tours only on pistes open for this purpose!

In general, piste preparation takes place in the evening and at night. This results in life-threatening dangers, especially from winche ropes. In order to make it possible to "let off steam" in the form of a slope tour after a long day's work, there is a special offer: In keeping with the spirit of "Safe & Fair", some slopes are not prepared until later and can be used by ski tourers beforehand.

This page of the sports department informs about the current offer (expected from 24.12.2020).

Further information on the subject of evening piste tours

Bright heads are visible!

For your own safety, you should also pay attention to your own visibility on permitted evening ski tours. Headlamps and reflective clothing improve visibility and visibility and thus prevent accidents.

In the worst case, if something does happen, a torch carried can be used for the alpine distress signal. Lights and reflective clothing help the rescue team to locate injured persons more quickly.