Why an MTB working party?

The development of the plan was launched in a get-together of the affected interest groups. The working party of the MTB Model 2.0 built on the experiences of the Tyrolean MTB Model first set up in 1997. The range of single trails was outdated, so the intention of the new model is to provide stronger funding. The model’s structures were optimised to open up single trails, with conflicts with other users of the outdoors being defused by an improved range of options.

The following people and institutions were involved in the working party:


represented by

Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government- Department for Sport
Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government- Department for Tourism
Provincial Cycling Association
Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture
Chamber of Agriculture
Austrian Alpine Association
Austrian Federal Forests SC
Tyrolean Hunting Association
Vertrider (active mountain biker)
Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce, Section Cable Cars
Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government- Section Forestry, Coordination



Lars Lotze

Province of Tyrol - Department for Forestry Conservation

Bürgerstr. 36, 6020 Innsbruck


Tel.: +43 512 508 4603