A snow covered forest

Tips for correct behaviour outdoors



With all leisure activities when selecting a tour, observe the existing rules (e.g. protected wildlife areas, restricted hunting areas, reforested areas, information boards, etc.)



Respect wildlife retreats, avoid feeding areas and do not make undue noise (e.g. New Year’s rockets in remote areas)



Cross forest areas in winter whenever possible only on designated paths and routes, (there is no need to be absolutely silent as you pass through the forest, the animals are less likely to panic to a danger they can localise)



Recognice the wild animals’ habitats, try to avoid them whenever possible. Observe the wildlife only from a distance. It is most important to keep dogs on a lead and, in the harsh times of winter, it is absolutely irresponsible to let dogs run around freely in the forest.



Plan your time correctly: do not be outdoors before sunrise and after sunset. Do not indulge in any outdoor sporting activities off the approved routes and paths.



Never travel through reforested areas and areas of new growth.