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Sellrain Ski Tour Region

Sellrain has a long tradition as a ski tour region. With this project, the mountaineering villages of Sellrain, Gries im Sellrain and St. Sigmund im Sellrain want to develop an environmentally-friendly form of ski mountaineering which takes into account the needs of all nature users in this area.

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Übergang von Hellblau auf Weiß.
Map of protection zones.
Map of protection zones.

Digital map

The exact location of the officially decreed game rest areas (green) and the voluntarily agreed protection zones for forest and game (pink) in the Sellraintal can be found here.






Man passes a signpost in snowy forest.
Man passes a signpost in snowy forest.

Ski touring aisles

Many traditional ski tours lead in the lowest part also through forest. Especially the sparse forests at the forest border are habitats for some species of animals that are particularly sensitive to disturbance (e.g. black grouse). The Sellraintal working group has tried to find clear lines on which we want to direct the ski tourers through this critical area. Ski touring corridors - these are mostly artificial clearings in the forests - guide ski mountaineers through the forest on the path of least resistance. Such corridors are now available on the following tours:

  • Grieskogel (from Praxmar)
  • Schöntalspitze
  • Roter Kogel (from Moos)
  • Roter Kogel (from Fotsch)





Protected sites and species

Based on the principles of the “Tyrolean Ski Tour Guidance Plan”, the partners to the “Sellrain Ski Tour Region” project have marked out conservation areas which ski mountaineers should voluntarily avoid. Near the feeding stations there are also officially prescribed wildlife retreats where visitors must keep to the paths and which are best avoided altogether.

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Deer in a forest.
Ski track density
Graphic with evaluation of the ski track density

Evaluation of the steering measures

In the winter of 18/19, members of the working group reviewed the success of the steering measures in the field. In doing so, we assessed the density of traces in protected areas according to a uniform scheme and documented it on a smartphone in an APP specially designed for this purpose. The results show that in the majority of the protection zones no or only isolated ski tracks were detected and that only individual areas are more intensively used.

In the current winter, we will concentrate on these areas in particular and further improve the measures here.


Since winter 2015/16 4 LVS Checkpoints are available in Sellrain:

  • Lüsens Inn - Schöntalspitze mountain
  • Praxmar - Zischgeles, Lamsenspitze and Grieskogel (run by Luis Melmer)
  • Haggen - Zwieselbacher Rosskogel, Schöllekogel, Pockkogel
  • Fotsch Bergheim - Windegg, Auf Sömen, Hühnereggen, Roter Kogel

In addition to the safety aspect, the stations also provide us with figures about how many ski mountaineers are using the respective tours.



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Close shot of a LVS-Checkpoint.
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Ski tour statistik.
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Map of Praxmar.

Orientation boards

We have installed orientation boards at all the important car parks and huts in the Sellraintal valley These give a clear description of the route, the most important information on the ski tours and the location of the conservation areas. The QR codes provide all the information and background stories about our 4 protected sites and species so that you can understand why you should bypass the conservation area shown.

The information about emergency equipment, the emergency APP and the link to the avalanche report come from our partner Tyrol Mountain Rescue.




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Picture of a signposting. In the background there are three ski tourers.


Conservation areas are marked in open country only at locations where there is direct contact with a ski tour. The directional arrows, which make it possible to bypass or go round, are only used very sparingly. The signs in general are restricted to the area below the tree line. Of 42 ski tours we have designated in Sellrain, this year only 6 are signposted in the forest  in order to indicate conservation areas.

The direction signs do not mean that the proposed routes are safe from avalanches and other natural hazards. It is the ski mountaineers’ responsibility to make this assessment themselves.



© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Juifen.

St. Sigmund

© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of St. Sigmund.

Potsdamerhütte mountain hut

© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Potsdamerhütte.


© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Praxmar.


© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Haggen.


© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Eisbrücke.


© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Moos.

Westfalenhaus mountain hut

© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Westfalenhaus.


© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Bergheim.


© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Lüsens.

Pforzheimer H. mountain hut

© Tyrolean regional Government
Map of Pforzheimer H.

The "Sellrain Ski Tour Region” working party

With the Tyrolean Ski and Snowboard Tour Plan, it has been particularly important to us that all stakeholders should have an equal say about all measures and be able to voice their concerns. In the Sellrain working party we have so far been very successful in achieving this and hope that, by virtue of the wide range of stakeholders, all interests have been considered in a balanced way.

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