Touring region Tuxertal

The Hohe Riffler with its long high alpine descents and the short ascent over the glacier ski area is the parade ski tour in the Tuxertal. In addition, there are also enjoyable tours for beginners, which can be experienced during most of the winter.

Since the summer of 2019, there has also been a working group in the Tuxertal which deals with ski tours in the valley and where problems exist, solutions are sought.

In winter 19/20 protection zones for forest wildlife and selected protection forests were established and marked at neuralgic places with signs.

Panorama boards on some important tour parking lots inform about the course of the ski tours and the protection zones that should not be used.

Protected sites and species

Based on the principles of the “Tyrolean Ski and Snowboard Tour Plan”, the partners to the “Tuxertal Ski Tour Region” project have agreed on four protected sites and species, and mountaineers should voluntarily avoid the conservation areas protecting these sites.

The four in the Tuxertal valley are:

Digital map

The exact location of the protection zones for forest and game that we have agreed in the working group can be found here.

Orientation boards

In January 2020, panorama boards will be erected at the most important tour hikers' car parks, depicting the most famous ski tours and the protection zones for wild animals and forests.  The 3D panoramas also provide information about the 4 protected areas and rules of behaviour that are important for the protection of forest and game when moving in the winter high mountains.

The information on emergency equipment, the emergency APP and the link to the avalanche report are provided by our partner, Bergrettung Tirol.






Conservation areas are marked in open country only at locations where there is direct contact with a ski tour. The directional arrows, which make it possible to bypass or go round, are only used very sparingly. The signs in general are restricted to the area below the tree line.

The direction signs do not mean that the proposed routes are safe from avalanches and other natural hazards. It is the ski mountaineers’ responsibility to make this assessment themselves.

The “Tuxertal Ski Tour Region” working party

With the Tyrolean Ski and Snowboard Tour Plan, it has been particularly important to us that all stakeholders should have an equal say about all measures and be able to voice their concerns. In the Tuxertal working party we have so far been very successful in achieving this and hope that, by virtue of the wide range of stakeholders, all interests have been considered in a balanced way.

Represented in the working group are:

  •     Communities
  •     Landowners
  •     Alpine club (Alpenverein), local tourers and guides
  •     Tourism association
  •     Hunters
  •     Forestry authority
  •     Alpine-Nature Park Zillertal Alps
  •     Administration Land of Tyrol



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